I came at photography from the hobby end, so questioning multiple editions closely didn't occur to me initially.

Technology and the ability to reprint multiples editions, change the artwork's aura, and photography has been the exemplar. This needs to change.

Photography, for me, is making sense of the world through how it looks and feels, and the greatest pleasure I derive from the mission is sensing that viewers understand the language I am trying to expand.

What I want to do with Unique prints is transfer as much as benefit as possible to you, both in terms of the artwork's aura and market value.

You own it, no one else.


Since its inception in 1826, no other medium has had such an utterly pervasive impact on how we see ourselves as individuals, our society, our history, and, consequently, our future. No other art form has its feet planted as firmly in science and advertising, and as such, photography is the eternal trickster. The profound photograph’s madness is apparent when these layers are fused onto a single surface.