$100 Print, framed


Unless explicitly stated, each print will be part of a limited edition. Editioning ensures that the number of copies of an image is limited. In doing this, the value is ensured by maintaining scarcity. 

Artist’s proofs (APs) are prints which form a legitimate part of an image’s edition. They are generally test prints that have been produced in the run-up to printing the final versions of the edition.  

As editions of an image sell out, the price of the edition generally increases.

Photographs will be signed on the front if there is a white border, and on the back (verso) if there is no white border. 




120 x 100 cm framed artwork.

The longest dimension listed in the buying options refers to the print’s longest dimensions, even if the print’s orientation differs from the listed length/width dimensions.

The dimensions listed are as accurate as I can make them within the software's limits and very slight crops occur from time to time. 

Where you see the International Standard paper sizes(A1, A2, A3...) listed as buying options the print will fit, maximally, within the dimensions listed to the left. 

So, for example, if you choose a square image at A1 size the print would be

594mm x 594 mm. Please contact me if you have any queries.


Smaller prints will be folded into tissue paper, sandwiched between cardboard and inserted into a padded envelope if they are to be posted.
Large prints will be rolled up in archival tissue paper and inserted into a tube for postage. This method is light, safe and simple.
The shipping prices which are listed in the buying options are for South Africa only.
International shipping of a tubed print normally works out to around $250 and the buyer is responsible for paying import duties. 
Please contact me if you'd like a print sent outside South Africa.


If there's a material problem with your print and you notify me within 24hrs of receipt I'll send a replacement.