Southwood Prints allows easy access to the work of photographer Dave Southwood whose work spans 25 years and as many countries.

The consistency of Dave Southwood's work across the photographic spectrum shows a commitment to both the intimate craft of photography and its communication power. The images he makes often show atypical humour and empathy - the subjects own the frame and are proud and his architecture work often includes the structures' context.

Beneath the clarity lies an educated gaze which skillfully identifies and handles complex human problems.

A decade-long project photographing a flea market, Milnerton Market, has been made into a book and is published by Fourthwall Books. Ivan Vladislavic wrote the longest of four texts in the book. Other publications include Bill of Rights, a photobook which illustrates South Africa's 20-year old Bill of Rights, with an introduction by Constitutional Court Judge Edwin Cameron, and MEMORY CARD SEA POWER, a broadsheet newspaper documenting the lives of rough Tanzanian Stowaways living under the bridges near Cape Town's harbour.

In late 2018 he co-authored and oversaw the production and design of HUSTLES which is nominally a book about architecture, but really a portrait of Johannesburg.


Dave Southwood's photos can be viewed at The South African National Gallery, where his work made up part of three shows in 2010, two of which were broad surveys of South African art, The Finnish Museum of Photography, The Christoph Merian Stiftung, the collection of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, The Goethe Institut, The Spier Art Collection and private collections in South Africa and abroad. He has been awarded multiple residencies.

He has contributed to and been featured in publications like Adbusters, COLORS, ID, the New York Times Magazine, New York Magazine, Wallpaper. He has also edited photo editions of magazines, taught at Universities, and written for the art press.

He has had invitations to talk at Yale (The MacMillan Center Council on African Studies and School of Architecture), the International Centre of Photography, Ohio State University, the University of South Dakota, the Universities of Cape Town and Stellenbosch and many other tertiary Institutions.

David Southwood