Truck Stop, Springfontein, 2008

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Before this Engen gas station, near Springfontein smack in the middle of the Karoo, received its contemporary facelift, I used to stop and marvel at the combo of cantilever and flat-ass nothingness. The structure frames the semi-desert in an assuming way, but nothing happens.

It used to cater to large trucks mainly. It accommodated their articulated masses and gentle turning arcs with plain-size swathes of gravel delineated with the classic white ZA…painted rock. If there is no koppie or mesa to adorn with your town’s name, make a huge circle for turning.

It also catered to folks keen to avoid the large gas stations with their trickle of cops and surveillance eyeballs. Close your eyes and hear the double D clutch. The patchy forecourt appeals to me, as does the way the supporting structures’ tops disappear before connecting with the roof plane.


Archival Inkjet on 200 GSM Baryta paper

L 100 x 60 cms edition 3 +1 a/p

M 60 x 40 cms edition of 4 +1 a/p

S 40 x 26 cms edition 2+1 a/p