SKAAPKRAAL, R701 between Smithfield and Wepenaar, July 2013

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At some level this sign is a palindrome because it can be read backwards and forwards. The farmer who made this, or commissioned the work, must have believed that traffic from Wepenaar is just as important as traffic from Smithfield. While most of the sign is constructed from standard issue piping and flat sheet metal, the supporting deltas(x3) are not, the triangular structural conceit allowing for an equally neat vertical inversion. Did the farmer realise during the planning phase that four of the eight 'A's would align perfectly and provide a rich simultaneity in the vowel-scape? Look at how bricks replace cut stone; look at the single dangerous seraph on the top of the 'L.'

I wouldn't normally print an image with the rebate, but the sprocket holes measure space in a way that enhances the panorama and the sections into which the mind inevitably chops it. Similarly, the feint stripes at the top image will also remain where they are.

I love this farm sign and I have photographed it many times over the years. 

Unframed Archival Inkjet on Baryta

Large 130 x 50 cm Edition of 1

Medium 110 x 42 cm Edition of 1

Small 78 x 30 cm Edition of 1