Short ends of Marcel Breuer's Pirelli Tyre Factory, 2018

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I photographed Marcel Breuer's Pirelli Tyre building of 1970 in New Haven(it hadn't moved) in 2018. There is always something rewarding about lining up a geometric monolith within the frame of a potent camera with a shift lens. David Campany said something like, 'At certain point, photography gave up its own surface for that of its subject'.

When I lived in Germany, in 2005, the authorities tried to demolish an overground bunker, but concrete gets stronger as it ages, so it shook but remained intact. Plan poorly and your structures will raise the middle finger.

Unframed  Archival inkjets on Bartya Paper

L 2 x 105 x 84 cms edition 4+1 a/p

M 2 x 75 x 60 cms edition of 3+1 a/p

S 2 x 52 x 42 cms edition 5+1 a/p