Near Mokhotlong, Lesotho, February 2011

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When my friend Sean Christie called me and asked why the 'donkeys' photo wasn't for sale I genuinely didn't know what he was referring to. 

Before I had a good look at the image I believed it to depict two examples of the Europs annae bush or sehlakoana se senyenyane/sehalahala sa qoqolosi in Sesotho.

From the interweb:

In Lesotho, Euryops annae is used as a medicine and in the preparation of charms. The resin is secreted from the stem and branches of practically all of the species, although some produce more than others. It sometimes appears as blobs on the stems and twigs and collects under the bushes. In the past, this resin was greatly valued by both the Khoisan and the colonists, for its alleged medicinal properties. It was used as a substitute gum, and to preserve the leather of boots and saddles.

S 52 x 42 cm edition 3+1 a/p

M 75 x 60 c edition of 3+1 a/p

L 105 x 84 cm edition 3+1 a/p

Archival inkjet print on 250 GSM Baryta Paper