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Kigali, Rwanda, 2013, UNIQUE print

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This is a Unique Print.

Travel to Kigali, they said, photograph the city's cleanliness.

Kigali is a silent city, muzzled and fearful. It's clean as a whistle, neat, and repressed; citizens avert their eyes and perform their citizenry with throttled flair. A clerk, his forehead bejeweled with minute beads of sweat walks the line with a pink folder.

When I returned home, I pored over the photos, trying to find images in which the muted citizens were looking at me, to pinpoint acknowledgment, the specks around which a photographer's unseen legacy might cohere.

As someone who tries to produce affectless photographs, a place with beat-down detachment was like mecca.

The Black Cat was everywhere.

40 cm x 50cm is the standard size. Please enquire if you'd like it printer larger.

Unique Print + 1 A/P, signed and stamped 

Archival inkjet print on 300 GSM Baryta Paper