'They always looked for Money', from Milnerton Market, 1999-2009

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The Milnerton Market took a decade to produce and in retrospect, certain images have assumed additional heft due to unpredictable changes in the market's context.

This image of two old women trawling around after most people had left fulfills at least two functions: 1. it makes up part of a trifecta of photos in which these two old bats walk the length of the market and in so doing delineate the terrain's footprint. 2. the AGFA sign is a grand trace of now mostly defunct analogue photography.

This is an example of a caption that was submitted by the market committee at my request.


Archival Inkjet on 220 GSM Baryta paper

L 120 x 120 cms edition 3 +1 a/p

M 80 x 80 cms edition of 4 +1 a/p

S 42 x 42 cms edition 2+1 a/p