Corner Eloff and Pritchard Streets, Johannesburg, 11/5/2017-Framed

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 Walking in Jhb central is a trip: there's so much to take in, simultaneously invigorating and dangerous. There is no way that I can make conscious decisions about what to include or exclude because I have to keep tripping along.

I have tried to work out what differentiates the styles of the great SA street photographers, and often, there's not much in it. One theory(mine) explaining the pure dynamics of the photo is that photographers choose to privilege urban scenes depicting people either moving towards each other or away from each other: centripetal or centrifugal. Pedestrians walk towards each other or towards parts of the street and when they pass whatever it is they're moving towards a dispersion occurs. I'd file this photograph under centripetal.

With all the necessary hullabaloo around identity politics, this sort of 'straight' photography seems almost trite. I keep reminding myself that it's not and that denuding photography of affect can give the work legs.

 L 105 x 84 cms edition 5+1 a/p

This edition 1/5

300 GSM Baryta mounted on Dibond(aluminum) in Kiaat Frame with slim gap between photo and frame. No Glass(the best!)

This photo was made during the photography for HUSTLES.