O.R. Tambo Parade, Durban, South Africa, 22 March, 2014

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It's a straightforward photo in many ways: an elegant woman is caught mid-frame, mid-stride, looking the wrong way up a shitty one-way street in the sub-tropics.
Apart from the photo's structure and colours, why does it work?

Don't do what I did and search 'quotes on street photography' because you'll encounter, once again, old-school descriptions of street photography, which have themselves frozen awkwardly in the past because they concentrate on time and not the slippery nature of truth.

Plato thought that truth might be a correspondence between knowledge and the object. It's hard to know precisely what that means, but maybe this photo works because the protagonist should not be in this place taking up occupation in the form that we see.

Archival inkjet on 300 GSM Paper

L 75 x 60 cm edition of 1

M 52 x 42 cm edition 2

S 26 x 21 cm edition 1

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