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Substation, 2000

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Tropical Breezeblocks seem out of place in this brutalist substation, but the marriage of leisure materials and utter practicality might be part of this unit's appeal.

This photo forms part of an ongoing investigation into infrastructure and how it appears to the citizens living close to it and being frustrated or served by it.

My layperson's interest in Heidegger, who believes that infrastructure either appears or disappears depending on whether or not it's working, would seem instructive.

The chances of this electricity substation being on the blink in South Africa are high because the state electricity provider has tanked. Heidegger would argue that when shit is working, it's less obvious, but what happens when the normal state of infrastructure is kaputness?

To make themselves visible, rioters agitating for functional infrastructure and service delivery often destroy infrastructure ala own-goal. Why is this? What the hell is going on here!?! A strike to the state's cajones?

Please enjoy the pleasing patterns that this photo presents in such fine detail.

UNIQUE Archival inkjet print on Hahnemuhle 300g Bartya Paper + 1 a/p.

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L 150 x 115 cm Unique Edition