Bill of Rights Book, 2014 + optional print

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The combination of photograph and text in Bill of Rights is designed to present situations that direct the sensibility of a late high school reader, and upwards, towards the South African Bill of Rights. Bill of Rights does so in a way that presents failures in the Bill or its implementation and also salutes the massive transformative force the document exerts on individuals and institutions 20 years after the advent of Democracy in South Africa.

The book presents a constellation of photographs, each of which implies rights, or a right. Extended captions, which combine statistics, quotes, and observation, extend the relationship between the photography and the rights being illustrated.

Includes an essay by Constitutional Court Judge Edwin Cameron called ‘What you can do with rights’.


Migrant Footpath(Looking towards Feskraal from Zimbabwe), 2014

Unframed, Signed and Editioned print on Baryta paper 29 x 21 cms

Edition 1/15


76 Pages

ISBN 797-0-620-616386

40 Colour plates

2 Black and white plates