Rain Storm near Nieu Bethesda + Free Book, May 2014

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 It's difficult to convey the breadth of Karoo vistas with a photo. This diptych, comprising of two neighbouring frames, tries to do just that. The proximate sections of each photograph contain a vertical slice of the same land and sky, so there is an imperceptible mirroring which gives the sense that the the scenes are falling into the gap ever so slightly.

I can't remember if I got soaked or not, but the muggy outrider smell of rain on dust and parched vegetable matter is vivid and high up in my memory.

Unframed Archival Inkjet prints on Baryta Paper

Small 23 x 18 cm x 2 =1 A/P

Medium 50 x 40 cm x 4 

Large 100 x 80 cm x 3