Kamuzu Academy, Malawi, 2002

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In 2002 Benetton Colors Magazine sent me to Malawi to photograph the Kamuzu Academy, an elite School shimmering on the plains. It was the perfect mismatch: Etonesque Academy smack in the middle of the dusty developing world. Every evening when the wind dropped, villagers began to beat their drums and beckon the rainy season, their beautiful song carried along by a now hefty breeze below gathering clouds.

I was in cahoots with these two dudes. Exactly what we were doing I can't recall, but they were breaking the rules by ferrying that packet over the wall.


Kamuzu Academy, Malawi, 2002

21cm x 21cm,

Signed S 1/3, Edition of 7(2S,3M,2L) + 1 A/P

Archival inkjet print on 200 GSM Baryta Paper