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Mpho Masupe, Katse Dam, Lesotho, 2015 Framed Diasec

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"I looked down to check a setting on my camera and this kid appeared before me in a hat made from a Bearded Vulture."

A photograph David Goldblatt made always seemed to be posed, although he was someone who preferred not to alter what was in front of his camera. When asked if he'd moved the central subject and directed his pose, he replied, 'Of Course! You are the master.'

This work: Archival Lightjet Print on Diasec, 80 x 63cm, signed on Verso, 1/1 AP

S 52 x 42 cms edition 3+1 a/p

M 75 x 60 cms edition of 3+1 a/p

L 105 x 84 cms edition 5+1 a/p

Archival inkjet print on 250 GSM Baryta Paper