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Milnerton Market, 1999

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Many Afrikaans men I photographed shortly after 1994 were suspicious. I have a photo of a guy of a similar age who chose to hide his foil-wrapped tuna-mayo behind his back as I activated the shutter on my LF camera.

His wife warned him against the act of photography in a way that I could hear. Still, he was locked into the process already, and I think, in a way, he was rallying against the adversity that a radical shift in his status must surely have been ushering in.
I must have asked this couple if I could photograph them, and I would have been crouched low to compose all the jutting profiles.

Key to this photograph would have been the totem that is Robert Adam's The New West, particularly the the one with the woman's profile in her house's window.

Milnerton Market, 1999

Archival Inkjet on 220 GSM Baryta paper

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