Private Carriage, April 9, 2015

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A tight pedestrian underpass below the M3 highway sits between the middle and upper UCT campuses. I was funneled with the vehement crowd through this bottleneck and arrived, dazed by inevitability and the low and ferocious sun, feet on the manicured lawn, in front of Cecil John Rhodes' statue.

A flimsy-looking crane plucked the lousy man from his perch and deposited him on a low, workaday truck.

The carnival was at fever pitch when I twigged: all the eager beaver photographers are hustling for the money shot comprising of ascension/descent, mountain, anger, mob, etc., but what if I photograph the magnate proceeding down the highway, all alone in his Private Carriage?

I tore away from the crowds and bundu-bashed(To force one's way through rough and difficult terrain; to go out into the wilds)at a full sprint, much like CJR himself, back in the day, to the highway's edge, where I managed to construct this portrait of ignominy. Go down CJR.

Unframed Archival Inkjet prints on Baryta Paper, series of 5

3 x Small 23 x 18 cm  

5 x Medium 50 x 40 cm + 2 A/P

4 x Large 100 x 80 cm x 5