Knuckle of the pedestrian overpass, N1, de Doorns, 2022

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For as long as I've seen driven under this infrastructural knuckle on the N1, I have wanted to photograph it properly and use the act to boost me into a project on these brutal forms which force vectors onto the impecunious.

It was 35 degrees, dusty, cars bulleted down the N1, and a scrawny dog who looked like he meant business and was well within his rights barked relentlessly at my calves as I backed blindly toward the equally tattered but dangerous-looking fence which kept him confined to the three metre-square yard.


Unframed Archival inkjet on Bartya Paper

L 150 x 115 cms edition 5+1 a/p

M 100 x 80 cms edition of 3+1 a/p

S 52 x 42 cms edition 3+1 a/p