Johannesburg Gas Works, 2012

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'The Johannesburg Gas Works (now Egoli Gas) is a familiar and spectacular industrial landmark in the city. Its dramatic holding towers and red-brick futurist factories are close to the campuses of two universities and within site of the Brixton Tower and the buildings of the SABC. Manufacturing at the site came to an end two decades ago and now gas is piped into the towers and from there into the surrounding neighbourhoods for business and residential use. In recent years, the Gas Works has attracted interest from architects, students, historians and the general public but its now-derelict buildings remain a mystery to most.'

I photographed this on long-expired 4 x 5 film which turned out, happily, to have degraded and the prints have beautiful, slightly 'off' pink colour as their base.


Unframed Archival inkjet print on 200 GSM Baryta Paper

Signed on Verso

2 x 42 x 35cm prints (90 x 35 cms total)

Signed S 1/3, Edition of 8(3S,3M,2L) + 1 A/P